The Art of Seduction As a PUA

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Feb 052010

The first mistake people make when they set out to learn the art of seduction is by saving their “practices” for a woman or man they are attracted to. That is missing the whole point, you practice on anyone and everyone at every opportunity you have.

I don’t care if it’s that direct gaze eye contact with the mailwoman when she rings your doorbell to hand you a package or whether it is lightly touching the librarian’s arm when he is explaining where you can find books on gourmet cooking.

You need to practice seducing everyone who comes across your path in a day.

Try it for one week. Try smiling with your eyes when you ask someone for directions. Try talking to a woman in a low voice at a party so she must lean in close to hear your words. Try all your methods of seduction for a week and record the results.

Write down what you said, what you did, who you said it to, how they reacted, what worked and what didn’t. At the end of the week, evaluate how you feel about yourself as a result of these interactions. Do you feel different or the same?

Do you find yourself feeling more self confident? Sexier, even? Do you find that you look at the world just a little bit brighter? That people are responding to you with warmth and interest?

That you feel better about yourself and so do they?

You can make seduction and flirting a way of life. A way to touch base with people in a meaningful way. If it is done correctly it is always and only flattering and never offensive.

Make sure you figure out and walk that fine line. Pay attention to other’s body language and how they respond to you and what you do and say.
Whatever you do, if someone is not responding in a positive way, back off. Maybe give them a nice smile and go on your merry way.

But what I think you’ll find is done correctly, you are making people’s day by your interaction.

Who wouldn’t be flattered by someone showing interest in them, even if it is not for dating purposes.

And the ability to express interest in others makes you well – interesting yourself.

When you show genuine interest in someone, you are enhancing both their world and yours. When you refrain from dismissing the overweight clerk who is helping you find the perfect cut of steak, you may not be aware that you are also being observed.

While the clerk may be a tad crass and definitely not someone you would date, be aware that other women maybe in the proximity and observing your behavior.

What a shame if you were dismissive and curt to this clerk and a gorgeous woman just out of your eyesight notices and dismisses you.

How much better if you are lightly flirting/seducing the clerk, making her giggle like a girl, and genuinely making her feel good when that same stunning woman is nearby. She will notice and you will capture her attention.

And so what if there isn’t a gorgeous girl nearby? The next time you come across someone who is right up your alley, you will have perfected your seduction techniques and can reel her in for a date.

Bill Preston has been studying Pick Up Lines and how to be a Pick Up Artist for the last 5 years and is a guest instructor at the top Pickup Artist Boot camp in NYC. He loves sharing his experience and the latest Pickup Lines with other men looking to improve their lives. Find out more at PUA Forums.

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